Welcome to Rosie's Boutique

Our dress up clothes have wonderful features. To learn more about them, watch this video:

Rosie's Boutique for everything princess.

If you are looking for dress-up clothes to nurture the love of pretend play, you've come to the right place. You'll have an amazing shopping experience with hundreds of items to choose from and the best customer service! There are dress up clothes for both boys and girls!  Superhero capes, career clothes, doll dresses, fairy and dance wear and of course, the BESTEST DRESSES! 

Our princess dresses are beautiful AND practical. Check out these features:
  • Comfortable
         • Made of soft stretchy velour and China silk
         • No scratchy fabrics or itchy trims

         • No zippers, snaps, buttons, ties or velcro               to frustrate little fingers

  • Washable
  • Affordable
  • Adorable
All of Rosie's orders are filled by The Little Dress Up Shop.  Some of the items in the photo and in the video above have been redesigned and are no longer available for purchasing. Please visit the store to see the newly designed versions.

Little Dress Up Shop from Rosie's Tea Party Website

FREE shipping in the U.S. on ALL orders! No minimum required. Wa-hooo! And if you order 3 or more dresses you get a discount! It's like getting all your dresses on sale! *Note: We no longer offer free earrings with every order.