Garrett and Mootoo

Hello. I just wanted to write to share the happiness your Small Monkey Puppet has given to my 2 yr old son. Garrett has fallen in love with the youtube videos that star your puppet. Santa delivered him yesterday and Garrett immediately called the monkey by his youtube name! The puppet is beautiful and EXACTLY like it is advertised in the picture/description. Thank you for prompt service and for adding to the Christmas magic for my son.

Sincerely, One Very Happy Mommy, Sue Ellen

Princess Ozeya

This is Princess Ozeya.  She is wearing the Pink Princess dress.  "I live in a shiny yellow castle made of bricks. I have magical powers.  When I blink, a butterfly is born.  I feel most beautiful when I am wearing my dress."

Princess Ozeya from The Land of Butterflies

My 2 (almost 3) year old daughter loves her princess dress, the red winter beauty. If I'd let her, she'd wear it every second of every day. She plays in it, eats in it, and even sleeps in it. Sometimes she's too excited to even take off her princess dress to use the potty and pees right in it LOL. THANK GOODNESS the dress is machine washable!! I have to wash that dress a few times a week and it comes out looking brand new. Thanks again for making a great product!

Elisabeth M., Hamilton, ON

My daughter loves her Cinderella dress. She has been prancing around in it ever since she got it for her birthday from her grandmother.  She insists on wearing it while watching "Princess Rosie's Dress".  She wants to wear it to daycare.  I can't get it off her!

Cathy P., Toronto ON

The dresses from Rosie's Boutique are a little girl's dream come true. With these dresses, they can be beautiful and comfortable! Before we discovered these dresses my daughter had dresses from another store.  Now she refuses to wear those itchy dresses and she hid them in the corner of her closet.  She will only wear "Rosie's" dresses.

Ruth R., Jacksonville, FL  

After watching "Princess Rosie's Fashion Show" on Youtube, my daughter put every one of those dresses on her Christmas wish list.  We got her one for Halloween.  When it arrived in the mail, she was so excited she was shaking.  She has been wearing it everyday since.

Kelly A., Raleigh, NC