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Declan with his furry friends
Declan and some of his furry friends

Here are the puppets that have been featured in our videos.
 Correlating link to the video is below each photo.

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 Here is our favourite little monkey:
Monkey Folkmanis PuppetMonkey Folkmanis Puppet
Folkmanis Monkey and Mootoo

The Folkmanis Monkey and Mootoo are the same.
Click here for the complete playlist of Mootoo:

Scarlet Macaw Folkmanis Puppet
Scarlet Macaw 
Click here to see this video: 

Skunk Folkmanis Puppet
 Click here to see this video:

Chameleon Folkmanis Puppet
Click here to see this video:
Yes. We know. It should have been Iggy the Chameleon or Carlos the Chameleon. Oh well.

Dutch Rabbit Folkmanis Puppet
Large and Small Dutch Rabbit.
Click here to see this video:

Harbor Seal Folkmanis Puppet
Harbor Seal 
Click here to see this video:

Hedgehog Folkmanis Puppet
Click here to see this video:

Hamster Folkmanis Puppet
Click here to see Mr. Hamster in this video:

White Bunny Folkmanis Puppet
White Bunny
Click here to see Mr. Bunny in this video:

Sheepdog Folkmanis Puppet
Click here to see Max in this video:

Fluffy Cat Folkmanis Puppet
Fluffy Cat
Click here to see Sassafras in this video:

Small Gorilla Folkmanis Puppet
Small Gorilla
This puppet looks very much like the original larger gorilla just smaller.
The original big gorilla is feature in this video:

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