About Rosie's Tea Party

It is with great pleasure to introduce to you the joy and magic of tea parties. The ceremony of having tea with our friends, dolls and teddy bears is an ageless tradition. You can pretend that you and your guests are elegant ladies, storybook princesses or enchanted fairies having afternoon tea. It can be in a fancy restaurant, royal dining room or on a picnic blanket. It is limited only to your imagination. It will be an afternoon that creates the sweetest childhood memories.  

The Products

The Bestest Dresses
How do our products differ from others on the market?  These adorable dress-ups at affordable prices are the perfect fit for your little ones. They are comfortable with no itchy underskirts or fabrics, completely finished seams and hems, and no buttons or ties to frustrate little fingers! The stretch bodices accommodate a variety of sizes making each size more versatile. All items are made with quality fabrics and trims that are durable, washable and absolutely adorable. Yes...our dress-ups are beautiful AND practical. We simply have the best dress-ups on the market.

To learn more about our dresses, click on the link below to watch Princess Rosie in "The Bestest Dresses"  ( you can also view this video on Rosie's Videos right here on our website )

The People

The star of  “Rosie’s Tea Party” always has lots of stories to share, especially when it’s time for bed.  She will blog about her many adventures and the people in her life. She has lots to say.  In fact, the only time she’s NOT talking is when she’s asleep.

Aunt Susan
Children’s entertainment has been her business since 1978. She will blog about her many parties, giving you great party ideas and what not to do.. She has a wealth of information in this area as well as playing and just having fun with children.  Mother of 5, grandmother of 5 and 25 years in the daycare business, she is very enthusiastic about sharing information and giving advice on parenting. She’s, let’s say, colourful.

Grandma and Aunt Susan are the brains behind rosiesteaparty.com. They are always dreaming and creating something new for the website. Grandma has lots of life experiences and memories to share. Her wisdom and observations will make you think.