Our dress up clothes have wonderful features. You can read about them below or watch this video:  "The Bestest Dresses"

Questions about our dress up clothes

Q. What is so special about your dresses?

A. Our dresses are the “Bestest Dresses”! They are so soft and comfortable.  Children can wear them ALL day!  There are no itchy underskirts or fabrics or scratchy trims! The stretchy valour bodices accommodate a variety of sizes making each size more versatile. There are no zippers, snaps, buttons, ties or Velcro to fuss with.  The dresses are pulled over the head like a T-shirt.  So easy!  Even our youngest princesses can dress herself.  Our dresses are affordable, comfortable, washable (see next question) and so adorable.

Q. Are your dress-up clothes washable?

A. Yes! All our dress up clothes are machine washable. Isn’t that wonderful?!  When you’re having as many tea parties as Rosie…this feature makes life so much easier. Follow the washing instructions on the tag.  We recommend line dry; (hang it up to dry).

Q. How do I get the wrinkles out?

A. I hear collagen works… ha ha.  Oh… you mean our dresses. Wrinkles?  No problem. You have a few options. 1.You can mist them with water. 2. Wash them and hang them up to dry. 3. Steam them (don’t let your kids do this). 4. Put them in a warm dryer for a few minutes. 5. Iron them at a warm (medium) setting.  But keep that iron moving to prevent scorching.  Ironing is my least favourite option.  Really…who wants to iron?  Not me.  To keep the dresses looking pretty, hang them up after play.  If you shove them in a toy box, what do you think they’re going to look like tomorrow?

Q. Do I need a fullness slip?


And my question to you is: Do you want a pouffier looking skirt?  The fullness skirt adds to that whole princess look.  So if you want to look the part then you need a fullness skirt.  For that special occasion it’s a must have. When Rosie plays all day in her princess dress, she prefers not to wear a fullness skirt.  But she wears one for her show.  Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Q. What is the difference between the Traditional and the Deluxe dresses?

The basic difference is that the Deluxe dresses have an extra layer of sheer fabric over the skirt and extra details and trim over the whole dress.  The Deluxe dress is more fancy shmancy.  The skirt is pouffier due to the extra layer of fabric. Deluxe or Traditional, they’re all so beautiful.  If you ask Rosie to choose a favourite she’ll say “I could no sooner choose a favourite star in the heavens".

Q. Do your doll dresses fit on Bitty Babies?


Our doll dresses are made to fit 18" American Girls dolls or the Canadian version Maplelea Dolls.  However they will fit many other dolls and stuffed animals.  This includes Cabbage Patch dolls, Bitty Baby dolls and Chou Chou dolls. Some of these dolls and especially stuffed animals have very chubby arms so I would recommend doll dresses with short sleeves or no sleeves.  For example Tinkerbell and Cinderella dresses are great for those chubby arms.  Sleeping beauty and deluxe Rapunzel have long sleeves.  Trying to get a chubby arm in those is like stuffing a sausage.  Although, those dresses look fabulous on an American Girl Doll or similar doll.