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    What Mootoo Wore For Halloween

    Susan Hagley - Thursday, October 30, 2014

    What Mootoo Wore For Halloween

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Mash-up Monster

    After trying on so many awesome costumes (see previous blog), Mootoo still couldn't decide what to wear. He liked them ALL! So he took a piece from every costume, and put them together to make: "Mootoo The Mash-up Monster". 
    Tee Hee

    Mootoo's Halloween Costumes

    Rosie's World - Thursday, October 23, 2014

    Mootoo's Halloween Costumes

    Mootoo loves Halloween! It's so fun to dress up! With a few accessories and props, we were able to put together these awesome costumes! It was so easy! Check out these photos of his costumes. Witch one do you like the most?

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Tiger

    Mootoo likes this costume because he said he could be cute and ferocious at the same time! 

    Tiger accessories were bought at the dollar store for $3.00. It came with a headband with ears, a bow tie and a tail. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Chef

    Mootoo loves to cook because he loves to eat! Banana bread is his specialty! 

    All that's needed to look like a real chef is a chef's hat, an apron and a cooking utensil. Mootoo really wanted oven mitts but we couldn't find any his size.

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Pumpkin

    This costume will keep Mootoo warm for a long night of trick or treating! 

    Mootoo is wearing a pumpkin bag! We cut holes in the bottom for his legs to go through. We put the bag handles over his head to keep the bag up. The pumpkin hat and collar were bought separately. It was a pet costume for a little dog or cat. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Witch

    Mootoo loves to pretend he's casting magic spells! 

    Mootoo''s fabulous green witch hat is from the dollar store. The broom was $3.00 from Walmart. It was too big for Mootoo so we took it apart, cut some of the straw to a more suitable length and tied it to a twig we found in our front yard. Mootoo is dressed in black. We used a scrap of black material for a shawl. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Spider

    Mootoo loves to wiggle like a spider in this costume! 

    Mootoo's spider costume is a pair of black fuzzy gloves. We joined them together and stuck pipe cleaners into the fingers. His hat is a cut off black sock. We tied it and cut fringes at the top. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Fairy

    Mootoo thinks he's going to get a lot of candy with this costume! 

    Super easy and super cheap! The tutu is a pet collar. ($1.00) We bought two of them for a fuller tutu. Mootoo's wings are from a headband. Necklace was part of an accessory pack ($1.00) The tiara ($0.33) and wand (6 for $1.00) were from a party supply store. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Bunny

    An Easter Bunny on Halloween? Mootoo says sure, why not? Cuteness is never out of season! 

    Everything from the dollar store! Bunny accessories were $3.00. We got a headband with ears, a bow tie and a bunny tail. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Caterpillar

    Mootoo says we forgot to cut holes for his arms. Tee hee. We didn't forget. Tee hee. 

    Mootoo is stuffed in a fuzzy sock! His hat is a sock! We cut the sock to make it fit his head and we attached one pipe cleaner (bent in half) and twirled the ends. Isn't he cute? 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Princess

    Mootoo says it really fun pretending to be a princess. 

    This one was soooo easy. We borrowed a doll dress and added the flower crown. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Mummy

    Mootoo could hardly move in this costume. We wrapped him up really tight. Tee hee. 

    This costume has to be attached securely or it will unravel! We used gauze from the dollar store. He's little so it only took three rolls. If you were to do this it would take a lot of rolls. An easier way to do a mummy costume would be to start off with white clothes underneath. Use an old white bed sheet cut it into strips. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Pirate

    One of Mootoo's favourite costumes. I think it's because of the sword. 

    Easy Peasy Pirate! We got a scrap piece of fabric for the scarf and painted the skull and cross bones with liquid white out. Made the eye patch with black foam and black elastic. The earring and knife were part of a pirate accessory pack ($1.50 from the dollar store). The sweater is a dog sweater ($3.00 dollar store). Bag was a loot bag from a pirate themed party he went to. Same with the pirate coins and jewels. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Angel

    This is Mootoo's idea of a joke. No way is he an angel! 

    Mootoo is wearing feather wings we got at Michael's craft store, a halo made from a silver tinsel pipe cleaner and scraps of white fabric for the robe.

    Mootoo The Movie Star
    Mootoo The Movie Star

    Line up if you want Mootoo's autograph! 

    Mootoo is wearing a pink feather boa, shiny pink fabric, baby sunglasses, necklace and purse from a princess accessory pack, and a hair piece from Ardene's. He looks fahhh-bu-lousss!

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Chicken

    Mootoo loves this costume! 

    Mootoo is wrapped in a fuzzy yellow scarf. We found a yellow feather hair scrunchie to put around his neck. The red comb and... that other red thingy under his chin was cut out from red foam. 

    Mootoo The Monkey
    Mootoo The Paper Bag Princess

    This is from one of Mootoo's favourite books: The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munch. 

    Mootoo is wearing a paper bag that our hamburgers came in and a tiara from the party supply store. Mootoo says he really likes this costume because he can wear anything or nothing underneath!

    We hope Mootoo gave you lots of inspiration for your Halloween costume!
    Happy Halloween!

    The Little Cork Loom

    Rosie's World - Thursday, March 27, 2014
    Rainbow Loom Bracelets

    Rainbow Loom Bracelets

    We love Rainbow Loom bracelets and we love making them. This toy was high on many kid's Christmas wish list. This is the perfect quiet time activity. Kids are intensely focused while making bracelets with colourful elastic bands. Great toy for developing fine motor skills. There are endless variations and patterns for kids to create their own unique bracelet. 

    In this video, Rosie shows you how you can make a single chain bracelet with just a cork, two push pins and some elastics. This Little Cork Loom is pocket size so you can take it anywhere. And that's not all! Those colourful elastics are awesome! Watch what else Rosie can do with them!

    What you'll need to make your own Little Cork Loom and a single chain bracelet.

    The Little Cork Loom props

    Wine cork, push pins and elastics

    It can't get any easier! Rosie made this bracelet in less than 5 minutes!

    The Little Cork Loom with a single chain bracelet

    A single chain bracelet on a Little Cork Loom 

    We would love to see your creations! Post your photos on our Facebook page:

    Happy Looming!

    Merry Christmas from Disney World

    Rosie's World - Tuesday, December 24, 2013

    Rosie and Declan at The Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights in Disney's Hollywood Studios. This was completely amazing! Jaw dropping, incredibly amazing! Millions of glittering lights perfectly synchronized to holiday music. It even snowed!!! Yes... delicate snow flakes fell from the night sky as we stood in awe. No photo or video comes close to experiencing this in person. This was truly a magical moment that we will always remember.

    That's Rosie and Declan playing air guitar having a great time. (Their faces were painted earlier that day)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at Rosie's World.

    Princess Merida

    Rosie's World - Saturday, December 21, 2013
    Jessica Chastain as Merida

    Merida from Brave

    We love Merida from the Disney movie "Brave". She is Rosie's favourite princess. She's spunky and determined to take her destiny in her own hands. Since 2007, Disney has been releasing a series of advertisements created by photographer Annie Leibovitz and featuring celebrities in Disney fairy tale scenes. The photo above is the latest Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait featuring Jessica Chastain. Wouldn't you love to be in a Disney Dream Portrait?

    During our recent Disney World trip, Rosie and Declan had the opportunity to meet their favourite princess. Judging by the long line-up to meet her, I'd say she's a favourite on many children's list.

    Rosie, Declan and Princess Merida

    Rosie and Declan with Merida at Disney World.

    Rosie, Declan and Princess Merida

    Merida autographs Rosie's book while Declan is mesmerized by her beauty.

    If you ever go to Disney World, be sure to take the opportunity to meet Merida. She's super awesome and even speaks with a Scottish accent!

    Magic Kingdom Day 7

    Rosie's World - Friday, December 20, 2013
    Main Street, Magic Kingdom, Disney World
    Our last day of our 7 day Disney World vacation

    Three days were planned for the Magic Kingdom. There is so much to do at this park.

    We set aside a full day to meet characters. Maybe squeeze in some shopping and re-ride some favourite rides!

    Disney Fairies at Tinkerbell's Magical Nook
    Rosie and Declan meet Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell's magical nook is soooo.... magical! To sign Declan's book, she pulled a pen out from a giant flower!

    Disney Fairies at Tinkerbell's Magical Nook
    Rosie and Declan meet Periwinkle the Frost Fairy

    Since it was Christmas, it was so cool that the visiting fairy was Periwinkle the Frost Fairy. And did you notice that Tinkerbell was wearing her winter outfit?

    Rapunzel at Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom at Disney World
    Rosie and Declan meet Rapunzel

    Rosie asked Rapunzel how she keeps her hair from getting all tangled. Rapunzel says "A lot of brushing!"

    Snow White at Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom at Disney World
    Rosie and Declan meet Snow White

    Rosie asks Snow White who is her favourite dwarfs. She says "I love ALL of them!"

    Merida at Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom at Disney World
    Rosie and Declan meet Merida

    Rosie's favourite princess!

    Guppy meets Ariel

    Guppy asks Ariel "What is your favourite food?" Ariel says "kelp-kabobs"

    The Main Street Parade

    Mickey and Minnie on the first float

    We got a great spot to watch the parade on the upper level of the Railroad Station. And tables and chairs too! 

    Main Street Parade, Magic Kingdom, Disney World
    Cinderella's float

    When the Fairy Godmother waved her wand, glitter would shoot out the tip of her wand!

    Main Street parade, Magic Kingdom, Disney World
    Aladdin's float

    Mary Poppins and Bert also share this float. 

    Main Street parade, Magic Kingdom, Disney World
    Princess Float

    Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Tiana and their prince ride on this float

    Main Street, Magic Kingdom, Disney World
    Main Street all decorated for Christmas

    The end of a very magical vacation. Our last look at Cinderella's castle and Main Street. 

    Rosie at the Orlando airport 2 a.m.
    Rosie at the Orlando airport

    Our flight was delayed because of an ice storm back home. This is 2 a.m. Rosie is dreaming of the wonderful time she had at Disney World.

    Epcot Day 6

    Rosie's World - Thursday, December 19, 2013
    Spaceship Earth at Epcot
    Guppy in front of Spaceship Earth

    After a very late night of parades and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Day 6 was a slower paced day. We split up so those who wanted to sleep-in could and those who wanted to do "rope drop" at Epcot could. Guppy was in the "rope drop" group. For those who are just tuning in, "rope drop" means getting to the park before it actually opens. This is important even with the new system with "Magic Bands" where you can reserve 3 rides. Reserve your rides for later on in the day when it's busy. Getting there for "rope drop" means you beat the long lines and you get to ride more. When we went, the "Magic Band" system was not fully integrated.

    And because we were there at "rope drop", we rode Soaring twice and Test track once before 11 a.m. And we got Fastpasses for the sleepy heads for when they show up. These 2 rides develop very long wait times as the day goes on. Sometimes 1-2 hours. Yes... you read that right. 2 HOURS! 

    The Seas in Epcot at Disney World
    Rosie and Declan at The Seas

    The Seas at Epcot is very awesome. The aquarium is full of colourful marine life.

    The Seas in Epcot at Disney World
    Declan wants to show us the tail of this Manatee 

    The Living Seas is a care center for manatees that have been rescued. They are not ready to live on their own or will never be able to live on their own in the wild. This is like a rest home for them.

    Bruce's Shark World
    Rosie inside a shark!

    Bruce's Shark World is a little play area for a great photo op. 

    Turtle Talk with Crush
    Crush talking to Declan

    Turtle Talk with Crush was so awesome. Crush interacts with the audience. You can ask him questions and he'll answer!  Rosie asked him "What do you do in your spare time?" And Crush asked Rosie "What is your favourite food?" We have this whole show video taped but the room was very dark and a large man with a hat sat right in front of my camera. Grrrrrr! And I was laughing so hard my camera was jiggling. Oh well. Next time!

    United Kingdom in Epcot at Disney World
    Rosie climbs a lamp post in the United Kingdom

    Day 6 was a short day. We're all tired from last night. But Rosie seems to have enough energy to climb this lamp post! 

    Declan's favourite ride: Soaring. It beat Toy Story Mania. So peeps... if you only learn one thing from our Disney World blogs... let it be "rope drop". 

    Magic Kingdom Day 5

    Rosie's World - Wednesday, December 18, 2013
    Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    Tomorrowland. Home to Space Mountain.

    Day 5/7 of our Disney World vacation. Our second day at the Magic Kingdom.

    Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    Look at Rosie's face in this ride photo. She loved it! We went on it a few times and just snapped a photo of our ride photos.

    Buzz Lightyear Spin, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    Inside the Buzz Lightyear ride. To score points, aim for the red light in the middle of the "Z".

    Buzz Lightyear Spin, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    The ride stopped for some reason and our buggy was right in front of some high scoring targets. One family member maxed high score at 999,999. We love it when this ride breaks down.

    Buzz Lightyear Spin, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    Rosie and Declan with Emperor Zurg

    Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

    Here is Sam and Ella, the 2 headed monster, doing their stand-up comedy routine. They were very funny.

    Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    If you sit in front of the lamps, you might get featured on the jumbotron. The monsters make fun of you.

    At about 5:30 p.m. we staked out our bench in front of Cinderella's castle. Grandma and grandpa stayed with the backpacks while the rest of the family walked around and did more interesting things. We couldn't go far as a sea of people were forming in the hub making it difficult to get around. These were the shows scheduled for the evening. Over 4 hours of magic. You really feel like you are in another world. Yes. The magical world of Disney.

    Lighting Ceremony 6:00
    Lighting of Cinderella's Castle 6:15

    Cinderella's Castle at Christmas, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    The lighting ceremony of Cinderella's Castle

    The castle was decorated with over 200,000 twinkling lights for Christmas. This was truly a jaw dropping magical experience. Photos and videos do not do this justice. 

    Here is a video that BigFatPanda made in November 2013. It's pretty good but seriously, this is something that has to be experience in person. Nothing comes close to being there.

    Then there's the Main Street Electrical Parade.

    Main Street Electrical Parade, Magic Kingdom, Disney World

    This was our view from our park bench

    And again, no photo or video can capture the magic. You have to be there. However, here is a video that iThemePark made in March 2013.

    It is no wonder that Disney World is the number one vacation destination. We still have 2 more days of our Disney World vacation and we are already trying to figure out how soon we can come back.

    Magic Kingdom Day 4

    Rosie's World - Tuesday, December 17, 2013
    Ferry to Magic Kingdom

    On the ferry to the Magic Kingdom

    Can you see Cinderella's castle and Space Mountain up ahead? Rosie has her "First Visit" button on. She's so excited! This is day 4/7 of our Disney World vacation. We planned 3 days for the Magic Kingdom. Today is Day 1 at the Magic Kingdom.

    Enchanted Tales with Belle

    This attraction is quite new so it's very popular. Everyone who wants to participate gets a part in the story.

    Enchanted Tales with Belle

    Declan is Maurice. The little girl in front was chosen to be the Beast.

    Enchanted Tales with Belle

    Rosie is the feather duster

    Enchanted Tales with Belle

    When Belle enters the room the children are in awe. Just look at their faces! There's Rosie sitting closest to the door. Disney spared no details in bringing Belle to life. She was enchanting! Even her dress sparkled! It was pure magic!

    Enchanted Tales with Belle

    Declan is mesmerized by Belle's beauty

    Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

    Declan and Rosie meet Gaston and flex their muscles. Gaston was so funny. Definitely one of our favourite characters.

    Turkey leg at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

    Declan with a turkey leg

    This is one of the "good eats" you must try while at Disney World.

    Turkey leg at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

    Rosie with a turkey leg

    These legs were so big, we all had a few bites. Yes, that's right. Two turkey legs for ten people!

    A relaxing musical boat ride around the globe with children dressed in their native costumes. Declan is pointing at the hippo.

    There was so much to do at The Magic Kingdom. We covered most of Fantasyland today. We'll be back tomorrow for more fun!

    Hollywood Studios Day 3

    Rosie's World - Monday, December 16, 2013
    Hollywood Studios

    Getting to rope drop is very important. For those who don't know what rope drop is, it's getting to the park before it even opens! 

    Hollywood Studios at Disney World

    Rosie and Declan running through the gates straight to...

    Entrance to Toy Story Mania

    The hottest attraction in all of Disney World. Yes... that's right. Toy Story Mania. This ride has the longest wait time out of all the rides in all the 4 parks at Disney World. We got there around 9:15 and there was already a 45 minute wait. With the new Magic Bands, you can now reserve a time for this ride. But if you want to ride this more than once (and you will), you'll still have to make a mad dash to it as soon as the park opens. 

    Toy Story Mania, Hollywood Studios, Disney World

    Rosie and Declan waiting to board Toy Story Mania

    You will need 3D glasses. The ride is a huge 3D arcade game. Very awesome and challenging. We understand why people feel like they HAVE to ride again. It's to get a higher score! The more you play, the better you get!

    Score board from Toy Story Mania, Hollywood Studios, Disney World

    Rosie's score on the right

    We managed to ride this attraction 3 times that day! One was first thing as the park opened, another with our Fastpasses (still in affect when we went) and another as the park was closing (no line-up).

    Green Army Man from Toy Story

    Rosie meets the Green Army Man from Toy Story

    Green Army Man from Toy Story

    Declan gets an autograph from the Green Army Man

    Beauty and the Beast

    We were sitting 3 rows from the stage. So magical. So colourful. So AMAZING!

    Gaston on stage

    Gaston is very popular with the ladies. When he flexed his biceps, there were loud gasps and squeals.

    Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios, Disney World

    The crowd at Fantasmic!

    There are 2 shows a night to accommodate the demands for this very popular show. You don't really want to sit up close for this one. You'll get sprayed with water. That's o.k. for a hot summer night but not for a chilly December.

    Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios, Disney World

    Waiting for Fantasmic to begin.

    Another amazing show! Animation projected onto walls of water. Lots of fireworks. Disney sure knows how to do it and with so much wow!

    Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing LIghts

    This was completely amazing! Jaw dropping, incredibly amazing! Thousands and thousands of lights flickering in synch to Christmas music. They even made it snow! Rosie is trying to catching a snowflake in the photo above.

    This short video does not do it justice. You really have to be there to experience this. And it's only up for the Christmas Season.

    We were able to do most of the attractions at Hollywood Studios. Rosie's favourite ride was the Tower of Terror. Even though it was terrifying, she loved it. Declan's favourite ride was Toy Story Mania. We had the best time eeveeerrr!